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Dinamo gives you all the tools you need to trade online today. The idea for Dinamo Ecommerce came from our experience in Dinamo (a web agency based in Hausweiler , Germany). For the last 7 years Dinamo have been helping businesses sell online with custom ecommerce solutions. We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s biggest brands helping them sell all sorts of stuff online.

As our reputation grew and we started to get calls from other companies big and small looking for ecommerce solutions. However for many smaller (and some larger) companies price became a really big issue. That’s where Dinamo Ecommerce comes in.dinamo ecommerce

We spent time and effort putting together an ecommerce package that could help you sell online without it costing you a penny.
Where do we make money?

Bang charges a small 3% transaction fee for every sale made. The idea being that if you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything!

For those of you who know your ecommerce, you’re probably wagging your finger right now saying how this is expensive for sites that turn over more than ˆ1500 per month and you’d be right. But don’t stress, once you hit ˆ50 in transaction fees we move you onto a flat monthly fee of ˆ50 per month. It’s the best of both worlds.

There are some other services you can buy. For more information on pricing, please go to our pricing page.
Investment / Financing

Dinamo is a BES approved company. For upcoming BES Investment opportunities please contact steffen(at)40weeksinmommy.com

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