Magento Themes Responsive Design

Written April 28th, 2015

It comes to a design of the website that has flexible sizes, and you can customize them depending on the visitor’s screen size. In practice, this seems to be that if a visitor comes to a Responsive Website with Full HD screen, he will get to see more at once, as a visitor with only 1024 × 768 resolution. All this should be planned from the beginning in a Magento project or can be adapted to an existing Magento template. Design templates are provided.

“Mobile First”

To create a website have to starting with the most necessary for a mobile shop to work out the core and then draw on desktop size up and with content such as upsells, cross sells, fill callouts and more.


Static Grid

If you are currently navigating on a desktop machine, pull test, once the browser window together and apart and see how the content is adapted to the width of the window. The advantages of fixed width at certain breakpoints, breakpoints are less expensive to implement. The design can be determined at each breakpoint and can thus determine Magento responsive themethe layout for each step. The design is more efficient and determining, for while in the fluid grid content is compressed percentage, it does not give much of just the font-size and the length of some elements decrease. There can be problems if you want to customize the page specifically for mobile devices. The fixed size here may require more adjustments due to the different resolutions. A fluid grid can play to its advantages, as it is precisely adapted to the width. Therefore, you can install a mix of static and fluid grid as an idea. However, such targeted iPhone and iPad resolutions are addressed and the user experience will be raised.

Media Queries

To start this, it is necessary to stop the Viewport Scaling in Mobile Devices. Automatic zooming on the websites of iOS container can cause the image quality decreases, sizes, and proportions to be distorted.

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