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Open a franchising fashion clothing shop

Written January 17th, 2017

Which is the real price to open a clothing shop?

Together with the food shop the fashion franchising is one of the franchising sectors with no cries. It’s clear the crises can reduce the clothing goods purchase, but the people will always need to buy clothes and food. So I don’t speak much with infertile languages and leave promptly to talk about processes, requirements and feasibility.

Things you must know if you want to start a clothing shop. The goals and the niches and the stiles in this fields are difficult, that means identify the market niche to meet them locally.

Done that, you will need a wholesaler or a producer who’ll restock products for that special market niche. The providers are many and you must contact each of them to set up a business relationship with a quite clear discount price.

The joy that the customer contacts, the skills and the prudence in managing of the orders, the dynamism and the passion are qualities you must have and develop.

After that work on their own is considerably more difficult that working as well as an employee. The level of anxiety and stress is undoubtedly higher.


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Requirements and procedures to open a clothing store

  • Locate a local square footage required to type in your shop, located in the city center in a high traffic pedestrian area or in a mall.
  • Open VAT;
  • Register to INPS and INAIL;
  • Enroll in the register of companies at the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Report to the common startup activities at least 30 days before the opening.

For administrative purposes, it is important to rely on an accountant who also follow you into the next accounting seal.

How much is to open a clothing store

With an investment of between 15,000 and 20,000 Euros you can start a small shop, but these figures are very likely to “increase.” If the room where you intend to open the store is very large rental costs, construction, furniture and goods plant will grow proportionally.

  • If the place is in a central area the rent will be higher.
  • It is plausible that they are necessary masonry and local adaptation works.
  • If you thought a store with low cost clothing catalog the plant should not have a big impact, different is if you have the idea of a boutique with branded products and exclusive.
  • The list could go on almost indefinitely, but the concept is clear.
  • An average cost more plausible to start a clothing store is around 50,000 Euros ..

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Clothing franchise

The franchise has allowed many newcomers to the apparel industry to realize their dream. The advantage is the franchise that sells a package where all the variables mentioned above are already counted and made the budget so that the new operator does not incur unforeseen if not minimal.

Here are some services that the franchise make available to their members:

  • feasibility study;
  • business plan;
  • pre and post opening;
  • of management training;
  • discounts on products;
  • visibility and promotion;
  • in some cases, the goods on consignment, or pay only sold.

Open a clothing store with no money or financing

Unfortunately, no money does not go anywhere, but with a loan you can do great things. The most difficult thing is to obtain financing from banks, as they require many guarantees in this period (but worth groped).

You should contact your loan company  and make application for a forgivable loan for starting a new business, or inquire at the offices of their province or region for any incentives for the promotion of small businesses

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