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Forte Magento theme

Written July 23rd, 2015

Design features of Forte Magento theme

Internet is full of the various themes and design solutions and all of them can provide new insights on the site development and can help to create the new concept of the design development. Many companies prefer to use their own themes, which are created by their staff and sometimes they cannot be much worse than the custom created themes, which one can find in the internet. Furthermore, own themes require the hiring of the additional staff for creation of them and maintaining of their stable work and optimal functioning. Better decision to make site with the purchased themes, which produce the maximum effect and can be purchased according to the specific brand.
One of such themes is Forte. It has excellent design created with the application of all modern technologies like Foundation 5 and various fonts and colors.
Design features of this theme can make a difference considering the traffic and site effectiveness. Without the unique design customers can think that the site created without the significant investments.

Magento Theme Forte


Color patterns

Considering the colors, Forte Magento theme has the unlimited range of all colors, which can be used in the modern PCs. It means that the user can use the whole variety of colors to create the new unique design that will be totally coherent with the brand. Forte theme contains the created patterns with the colors and the default theme so it can be used even without the considerable changes.


There are many situations when the new fonts can be used. Magento contains the default fonts and the Forte theme has the Google fonts, which can dramatically increase the users’ experience and increase the usability as bigger and clearer fonts are much better.

Default fonts

However site owners, which like the default fonts, can get the benefits from the default fonts, which can be used for service pages or other pages.

Star rating

There are some more features, which are designed for the decoration of some elements of Magento and Forte design provides the color schemes for the star rating. It means that the usual things, which are made in the other sites with the default color can be colored in some variety of options with Forte theme.

Foundation 5

With modern technologies presented with the Foundation 5 one can use the variety of features, which are available for the site-owner. So design can be easily customized from admin panel and one can even add some new features to CMS with this framework.

Icon fonts

Speaking about the fonts one can underline the icon fonts, which are very useful for creation some of the snippetsor within the site design. And Forte Magento theme contains this special fonts, which substitute usual icons, which cannot be engaged in the promotion and take some space on the drive.

Generally the Magento themes provide much more design features, than the original site has and Forte theme add much more features, which allow much effective promotion and getting more traffic.


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