Features of Dinamo Ecommerce

With Dinamo Ecommerce it’s all about quality not just quantity, we spend time and effort making sure that the functions you use most are designed to be simple, easy and effective.
Always Improving

Our solution is continuously improving. Every month new updates are released making improvements and adding features. 90% of everything we do is driven by customer requests, so if you need something extra, just ask and if it fits we’ll put it on our product roadmap.
The complete ecommerce package

We have lots of built-in features that make your life easy, everything from email marketing to automatic image optimisation.

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  • Powerful Administration
  • Online Marketing
  • Visitor Experience
  • Order Processing
  • Analytics & Reporting

A summary of the available features are listed below


Reports & Analytics

Current order level
Breakdown by category / product available for monthly, weekly and daily reporting
Stock level report, showing quantities available for all stock levels

Categories and Products

Ability to add categories and publish them as required
Create sub categories down to 4 levels
Add as many products as you like
Create individual meta tags for each product
Assign products to multiple categories
Assign multiple prices depending on shopper group / currency
Create short and long descriptions for products
Manage stock levels using the website
Quickly upload and crop product images
Upload up to 3 product images for presentation
Create product attribute such as size, colour and have unique pricing for each product
Discount products and show the difference on the product page
Option to publish and unpublish products
Control over the message that appears when a product is out of stock

Product reviews / customer reviews

Facebook, myspace, twitter and google publishing tools
Related products that can be used to sell related items to customers

Payment options

Multiple payment methods supported including
Invoice or COD (Cash on Delivery) – set the credit limits for customers using this option
Credit card payment via a number of payment providers including Realex, Worldpay (if your provider isn’t here call us and we can have them added to the list)
Option to assign payment methods according to shopper group, for example trade customers can pay by credit card or invoice
Store Profile
Set all of the contact information for your storetrade-with-dinamo-ecommerce
Choose from a range of themes and update the look of the site as often as you like
Upload your logo to the store


Allow multiple prices for each product depending on the store setup
Allows the client to set Tax rates for each product attribute if required
Prices can be changed as required on the system
Promotional Codes
Promotional codes can be set for individual products, categories or across the whole store
Codes can be limited to a number of uses eg first 100 customers
Codes can be set to a particular date range eg from 25/12/09 to 01/01/10
Codes are a great way to spread the word about your website to customers


Allow shoppers to create an account and check back on orders
List past orders for customers to check on
Create shopper groups and assign unique pricing and discounts to those customers
Manage the payment options available to shoppers and control credit limits

Content Management

Complete control over content on static pages and product descriptions
Add images, tables, links, downloads and other videos to the page content
Create new pages as required and update easily and regularly to boost page position and SEO.


Location sensitive shipping options, create charges based on delivery country and allow customers to choose from a range of options for delivery
Set charges for delivery based on flat pricing on group products together to encourage larger orders
Control charges on shipping and set for each delivery country

Order Management

Review orders in a list and quickly update the status
Edit delivery details on an order and add administrative notes
Automatically updates customers orders status to shipped


Two newsletter options available:
Fully integrated with Constant Contact an online newsletter service which provides full reporting services
Built in newsletter function with ability to review past newsletters and edit existing newsletters before sending

Search Engine Friendly

Abiltiy to edit all meta tags on site
Ability to add and update text to all static pages
Ability to market the site to new customers using newsletter functionality

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